Cookies and Biscuits

A cookie is a small, flat, sweet, baked good, usually containing flour, eggs, sugar, and either butter, cooking oil or another oil or fat. It may include other ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips or nuts.Cookies are most commonly baked until crisp or just long enough that they remain soft, but some kinds of cookies are not baked at all. Cookies are made in a wide variety of styles, using an array of ingredients including sugars, spices, chocolate, butter, peanut butter, nuts, or dried fruits. The softness of the cookie may depend on how long it is baked..

Highlights of the Course
* Difference between Biscuit, Cookie & Slice
* Cookie making ingredients
* Cookie making methods
* Commercial cookie making
* New product development
* Packaging of Bakery product
* Equipment needs and role of machinery
* Handling waste in production
* Creaming method, Rubbing method, Whipping method,
* Ice-box cookie, Sheeting a cookie dough, Pressed cookie,
* Drop cookie, Slices & short bread,
* Problems in cookie making & scoring

Butter cookie & variation, Chocolate chip cookie, Melting moments, Fruit cookie, Peanut cookie, Viennese cookie, Magic window cookie, Oreo Cream cookie, Salt cookie, Masala & chilly cookie, Macaroons with variety, Japanese cake, Color pastry, Shrewberry cookie, Raisin and spicy cookie, Honey cookie, Date & walnut slice, Chocolate fudge, Brownies, Nippat, Milk toffee, Nankhatai, Scone - griddle baked

  • Cookies and Biscuits
  • Fees : Rs. 15,000.00 (INR)
  • Duration : 1 Weeks
  • Timings : 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Full day Training
  • Experienced trainer
  • Practical Trainings
  • Demonstration